about the family

Hello Kitty the main star of all the books, movies, and collectibles. The cutest of all the characters she is bold, sweet, daring, strong willed, and most of all cute. Hello Kitty is the height of five apples and the weight of three apples her blood type is A her real name is Kitty White her hobby is cookie baking and you can find out more about her in the HELLO KITTY  sweet, happy, fun book a sneak peak into her super cute world. With her bold personality and natural cuteness Hello Kitty will steal your heart.

Dear Daniel:
Dear Daniel is Hello Kitty's Boy friend most people don't know who he is or that Hello Kitty even HAS a boy friend. Dear Daniel is frequently going on African safaris with his dad who is a photographer. Hello Kitty writes letters to him using her favorite stationary and pens.

Hello Kitty's twin sister Mimy wears a bow on her right ear were as Kitty wears a bow on the left ear this is so there parents can tell them apart. Mimy is not very commonly known so I do not know much about her.

Hello Kitty's Grandmother very sweet and loving she appears in allot of Hello Kitty movies and books.

Hello Kitty's grandpa he loves to paint and also is in allot of Hello Kitty's books  and movies.

Hello Kitty's dad is a simple man that is very kind and loving. Father is a proud parent of his two girls Mimy and Kitty and a husband to the girls mother. you will find yourself laughing and cheering for this kind dad.

Hello Kitty's mom is sweet, loving, kind, smart, and creative, She is also a proud parent to Mimy and Kitty. You will be rooting for this kind mother in no time.